What We Do

CollabsHQ sparks long-term change by quickly assessing inefficiencies, correcting problematic behaviors, and providing a road-map for sustainable results.


Leadership Communication Coaching


Collaborative-based Strategies

That reduce stress, inspire & motivate forward action

Leadership Communication Coaching

Communication skill training for situations common to scaling startups:

  • Managing co-founder disputes
  • Motivating unenthusiastic individuals & inspiring action
  • Mastering managerial feedback to employees & within the C-Suite

Business Consulting

Action plans that coordinate a series of steps to communicate changes that carry a high-level of risk, which includes:

  • A co-founder departure
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Culture changes

Case Study

Skedaddle rebooted their company culture & strategically managed a co-founder departure that resulted in his graceful exit, a 129% increase in their team satisfaction and a 90% increase in resolving team issues proactively.

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Ideal for startup founders, directors, and other employees aimed at equipping them with high-stakes communication skills that make open disagreement and giving feedback easy.

Collaborative Disagreement® Training

Learn a 4-step conflict resolution that is both a mindset and a communication script for engaging high-stakes conversations with an eye toward win-win solutions.

Collaborative Feedback Training

A 4-step process known as the W.I.N.D. Script teaches you how to create collaborative, future-focused conversations when giving feedback to someone.