Change Management & Organizational Development

Rapid responses for high-risk situations common to startups

Areas of Focus

Co-Founder Departure

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Culture & Team Changes

Past Client Success

Skedaddle rebooted their company culture & strategically managed a co-founder departure that resulted in a 129% increase in their team satisfaction and a 90% increase in resolving team issues proactively.

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How The Process Works

1. Contracting Phrase

  • Set up discovery call with CollabsHQ

  • Diagnose the scope of the issue

  • Get buy-in from key decision-makers

2. Assessment Phase

  • Complete needs analysis

  • Gather data via surveys, questionnaires, 1:1 interviews, focus groups

  • Discuss results with leadership

3. Strategize Phase

  • Create strategy

  • Establish roll-out plan

  • Communicate program & get buy-in from C-Suite/Directors

4. Intervention Phase

  • Group & 1:1 trainings, town-halls, and workshops

  • Company-wide talks and/or events

  • Gather feedback from lower-level employees

5. Sustainability Phase

  • Monitor post-initiative

  • Measure impact

  • Transition deliverables (continued coaching support or recommendations)

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Hello👋🏽 I'm Bryant

A visionary communicator, an accomplished organizational consultant, and leadership development coach for early to mid-stage startups, my innovative approach to conflict resolution springs from the methodology I created called Collaborative Disagreement®. 

Everything I do is grounded in the techniques I learned at Columbia University, shifting people's mindset around disagreement while providing tools and processes for resolving high-stakes situations collaboratively.

I received my Master of Science in Negotiation & Conflict Resolution from Columbia University, have been a consultant to venture-backed startups, and recently saved two from near failure.

Startups are high-pressure environments where change is the only constant

So whether through my consulting, another expert, a book, or any other avenue, do yourself a favor and get the help you need to make sure your company thrives!  

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