About CollabsHQ


Expert support, heart, and clarity to achieve solutions to difficult problems

We partner with our clients to achieve the highest good possible through our following services:


Confidential Conversations to Resolve a Business Dispute

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Executive Coaching

1:1 or Team Support to Improve Your Leadership Skills

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In-Person or Virtual Skill Based Presentations for Your Teams

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help business leaders navigate complex problems easily 🀝

We provide the expert support to navigate the people side of business deal-making while partnering with clients to achieve sustainable results.


CollabsHQ Differentiators

A remote-based company since 2016, we provide virtual services for business partners and startup teams throughout the world.


Our work together utilizes the cloud to get you the help that you need. All you need is a strong wifi connection. CollabsHQ will do the rest.

Simple & Automated

We don’t want to waste your time or money, so everything we do together is action-focused so you achieve the goals and outcome you want.


We offer packages that are customizable to your situation and discount rates for nonprofits/startups with social action and justice missions.

about me

My life's purpose is to make challenging situations easier through a compassionate, action-oriented heart.

Bryant Galindo, M.S.

Founder | Mediator & Executive Coach

Since starting CollabsHQ in 2016, I've worked with Fortune 500 companies in teaching first-time managers important feedback and delegation skills, worked with the United Nations as a subject matter expert on team dynamics and culture development, and have coached countless early-stage companies and venture-backed startups on scaling their leadership communication and team culture.

I am a certified mediator and executive coach that partners with startup founders, business partners, and teams of all sizes to resolve business disagreements + helps them to transform into the leaders they need to be.

I am also the author of the The New Middle, a book on how to collaborate during moments of intense disagreement, which became the #1 new release in the Business Conflict Resolution & Mediation category on Amazon.

I have mediated over 500+ cases. I have logged close to 2,500 coaching hours. And I received my M.S. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Columbia University, will soon be a certified executive coach through the International Federation of Coaching and received my mediation certification through Columbia University, School of Law. ‍