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Executive and team coaching to help leaders, startup founders and executives reach their highest potential

How I Help

Executive Coaching

Structured one-on-one work for startup founders, executives, and first-time managers to transform and uplevel their leadership, communication, and managerial skills.

Team Coaching

Group coaching that builds a team’s capacity for a high-performance culture through open debate, trust, and quicker iteration.

360 Assessments

A comprehensive feedback and analysis process to gather information on how you are perceived, your leadership skills, and key areas of growth.

Leadership and Executive Retreat Facilitations

Half-day or one-day workshops with a few key people to work out any challenge they are facing, with emphasis on strategic planning, team building, and leadership development.

Team Diagnostic & Rebooting Process

A crisis management tool and process that is used when startup teams need a communication and dynamic reboot, identifying areas of transformation related to their interpersonal and collaboration skills.

I use neuroscience-backed tools, simulations, and assessments to unlock a leader’s potential and to help teams build the high-performance culture they need to make their business a success.

my coaching journey

Hi 👋🏾 I’m Bryant

I am an executive coach, consultant, and mediator that helps executives, startup founders, and leadership teams transform into the leaders they need to be.

I've worked with Fortune 500 companies in teaching first-time managers important feedback and delegation skills, worked with the United Nations as a subject matter expert on team dynamics and culture development, and have coached countless venture-backed startups and established companies on scaling their leadership communication and team culture.

I’ve seen the ins and outs of scaling a business and the different leadership traits required at each business lifecycle. I've partnered with dozens of individuals to also scale their leadership persuasion and influencing skills. I partner with you to bridge coaching know-how with real-world experience to deliver results and business impact.

I am also the author of the The New Middle, a book on how to collaborate during moments of intense disagreement, which became the #1 new release in the Business Conflict Resolution & Mediation category on Amazon.

I have logged close to 2,500 coaching hours over my 7 year journey being a coach to rising startup talent and leaders from all walks of life. I received my M.S. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Columbia University, am a certified executive coach through the Center of Executive Coaching, and am a certified mediator through Columbia University, School of Law. I also recently finished working with USAID as an executive coach for an incubator program in El Salvador, working alongside 5 executives and their leadership teams in the areas of change management, leadership communication, influencing, and creating alignment during periods of high-growth.

Did you know?

The ROI on Executive Coaching

According to the International Coaching Federation, 70% of people who receive coaching benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills, with 86% of companies reporting that they recouped their investment in coaching and more.

How We Work Together

Coaching Sessions With Immediate Business Impact

Identify your blindspots, leadership challenges, and reframe behaviors by creating a roadmap for change.
Learn tools that’ll streamline focus, improve communication, and help you be a better leader.
Put everything you learn into practice through experiential work, simulations, and role-plays.
I collaborate with you to develop solutions that drive immediate business impact for both you and your team.

Some Clients I've Worked With


What Clients Are Saying

Osahon Ojeaga
CEO/Co-Founder, AJA Labs

“I truly appreciate being held accountable for ‘showing up’ as I develop as a leader and teammate. Sessions were always very impactful, and I loved the great reflection/thinking exercises. Bryant talks to you at a very human level and also challenges you to view your blindspots differently.”

Recently raised $2.5 million in seed funding.

Clara Rodriguez
Executive Director, Calleja Foundation

"When I began working with Bryant, I wanted to gain a better understanding of my leadership style and how I could add more value to my organization. Bryant designed a program that allowed me to achieve that goal, but in addition, the process helped me strengthen other professional and leadership skills that have changed the way I work. His challenging questions, his role as a supportive thought partner, and most importantly, his keen interest in connecting with me and my purpose drove me and made this program 100% successful. Thank you Bryant!"

Esther LeNoir Ramirez
CEO/Co-Founder, Session Goods

“What I really appreciated was the accountability and the follow-through to help me understand what I didn’t know about leadership and having difficult conversations. Working with Bryant has helped me level up my leadership and I'm so grateful for his advice."

Samuel Bertain
Chief Creative Officer/Co-Founder, Session Goods

“Bryant always listened, understood, and translated back to me what I was saying to help me view it differently. And as a leader, having this soundboard is invaluable. He’s also given me some really great frameworks to utilize as I build my managerial skills. So grateful for Bryant’s coaching and advice.”

Clare Kimeze
CEO/Co-founder, Kimeze

“I contracted Bryant to work with me on messaging for my initial product launch and navigating conversations around changing co-founder roles healthily. He gave some sound recommendations over a course of a few coaching sessions, and I was very happy with his coaching and insights. I would recommend him highly.”

Tom Nassr
CEO/Co-Founder, Checkmate.Digital

"Bryant is an excellent teacher that understands the intricacies of communication and has the ability to break down complex interactions into a digestible, learnable, structure to incorporate into everyday life. I came away more aware, with more knowledge and confidence in how I lead in my business."

Samantha Sisca
CEO/Founder, Social Sunday

"When I first started working with Bryant, I avoided conflict and was very reactive when communicating or disagreeing. I end our work together knowing I can analyze and address conflicts in my business in a collaborative manner with the tools and advisement I received throughout the program."

Adam Nestler
CEO/Co-Founder, Skedaddle

Dawn DeSantis
CEO, Afflatus Media

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Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching engagements start at $2,000 monthly with a six-month commitment for one founder or business executive.

Sessions are typically an hour long. Depending on your goals and the roadmap we create together, sessions may be every week, every other week, or we might frontload at the beginning of the engagement to maximize results. Clients are expected to show up, ready to learn and contribute meaningfully, with a session agenda of what they want to discuss.

I’ll often interview each founder/executive individually to understand both the team's perspective as well as each individual’s needs. Some teams decide they only want team coaching and no individual coaching – and that’s okay. No two teams are the same. So I work on creating a flexible structure of learning and coaching that is appropriate for your team and your end goals.

Email us with your question at hi@collabshq.com or schedule a free consultation here.    

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