Mediation services
to resolve business

A confidential conversation with a neutral third-party

Resolve complex business negotiations through a collaborative mediation process

Strategically Orchestrate Change & Development

Process Overview:

  • Mediator is an advocate for the process

  • Mediations last five hours or longer if the issues are complex and the parties are unwilling to compromise

  • Mediations are confidential and include a mediator's proposal if necessary

"These were two extremely important days for our company. We could not have accomplished as much as we did without Bryant's mediation and workshop. Would definitely recommend him."

- Jaime Pales, Co-CEO/Co-Founder, LINC Learning

The Mediation Process

1. Opening Statements

  • Mediator introduces ground rules for conversation

  • Each person shares their perspective on the issue(s)

2. Understanding the Problem

  • Deeper dive on the presenting issue(s)

  • Exploration of how each person understands the problem

3. Exploration of Interests

  • Mediator guides dialogue on deeper motivations

  • Parties communicate concerns and motivations

4. Creation & Evaluating of Options

  • Mediator facilitates the creation of win-win solutions

  • Parties evaluate and rank choices

5. Agreement

  • Mediator facilitates the creation of an agreement

  • Agreement is drafted and signed

"This mediation really helped the team and I. We were having issues deciding what to do when a founder wanted to quit. We negotiated an agreement and equity buy-out that allowed us to keep working on the business."

- Bradley Wertnz, Chief Strategy Officer/Co-Founder, Skedaddle

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