Resolve business disputes through mediation

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Equity or Ownership

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Business or
Workplace Disputes

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What is mediation?

A structured and guided conversation to help you achieve a solution to a pressing business problem.

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What's in it for you?

A low-cost, confidential process that comes with a big reward if the parties reach an agreement.

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Hi 👋🏾 I’m Bryant

I’m a certified mediator that helps startup founders and business teams resolve important business, workplace, and employment disputes without the need to hire expensive attorneys or litigation.

I’ve mediated over 500 cases and have subject matter expertise on the startup issues and business problems that can be resolved through my collaborative mediation process I use with clients. As of now, I have an over 90% success rate since implementing this process back in 2016.

I received my M.S. in Negotiation & Conflict Resolution from Columbia University, my mediation certification from Columbia University, School of Law, and completed a federal mediation apprenticeship with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission back in 2015.

Founder of CollabsHQ
Certified Mediator & Executive Coach
How We Work Together

The Timeline


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Tiffany Wycoff

Chief Innovation Officer / Co-Founder, LINC Learning

This could have been a very destructive experience and instead we emerged stronger as a team and with more motivation, value, and clarity. The mediation was powerful. Thank you very much!

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The Mediation Process


Opening Statements

  • Mediator introduces ground rules for conversation
  • Each person shares their perspective on the issue(s)
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  • Deeper dive on the presenting issue(s)
  • Exploration on how each person understands the problem


the Problem

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Exploration of Interests

  • Mediator guides dialogue on deeper motivations
  • Parties communicate concerns and motivations
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  • Mediator facilitates the creation of win-win solutions
  • Parties evaluate and rank choices


Creation and Evaluating of Options

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  • Mediator facilitates the creation of an agreement
  • Agreement is drafted and signed


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Nat Robinson

Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder, Leaf Global Fintech

Bryant was incredibly professional and helped us work through some of our more challenging team issues in just a few remote mediation sessions. It is amazing how effective arguing in front of a well-trained third party like Bryant can do for a business relationship. I would highly recommend him to any group of startup founders.


Investment Summary



The process includes:

  • 2 Worksheets + 1 Assessment
  • 2HRS Review + Prep Work
  • 2HRS Coaching Calls for Each Party
  • 8HRS Mediation *



The process includes:

  • 2 Worksheets + 1 Assessment
  • 2HRS Review + Prep Work
  • 2HRS Coaching Calls for Each Party
  • 8HRS Mediation *



The process includes:

  • 2 Worksheets + 1 Assessment
  • 3HRS Review + Prep Work
  • 2HRS Coaching Calls for Each Party
  • 8HRS Mediation *
$500: Optional 45-Minute Debrief Call After Conclusion of Mediation
*If more time is needed beyond the planned hours,
we go into an hourly pay structure.
Discounts are available for
non-profits or early-stage startups
with a social action and justice mission
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Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in resolving partnership and business disputes, such as equity restructuring deals, partnership dissolutions, and interpersonal disagreements.

Bryant has seen the ins and outs of various startup and business disputes, working with teams through his structured process over seven years. He understands that each situation has different pressing issues, so he always tailors his process to the team and their negotiation/conversation goals.

The teams that get a positive result understand that they have a specific goal that requires a neutral third party with subject matter expertise to help them navigate. As such, ask yourself, “What is my overall goal in pursuing mediation?” It can be one or multiple goals and it can also be open-ended (such as we just want to explore if we can come to a solution).

Email us with your question at or schedule a free consultation here.                                              


Noel Allain

Co-Founder/Artistic Director, The Bushwick Starr

I had a lot of trust in Bryant and his approach. He helped us stay on track while creating clear boundaries and guidelines for the process, which calmed my nerves. Overall, very satisfied with the result and process!

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