Resolve business disputes through mediation

A Confidential Conversation

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What will you achieve?

Bryant helps you navigate a solution to a business dispute where either the parties need to stay together or break up.

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What is in it for you?

A confidential process that is conducted virtually where Bryant advocates for the objectiveness of mediation process. 

How We Will Work Together

The Timeline

Timeline of 6 step process


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Tiffany Wycoff

Chief Innovation Officer / Co-Founder, LINC Learning

This could have been a very destructive experience and instead we emerged stronger as a team and with more motivation, value, and clarity. The mediation was powerful. Thank you very much!

The Mediation Process


Opening Statements

  • Mediator introduces ground rules for conversation
  • Each person shares their perspective on the issue(s)
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  • Deeper dive on the presenting issue(s)
  • Exploration on how each person understands the problem


Understanding the Problem

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Exploration of Interests

  • Mediator guides dialogue on deeper motivations
  • Parties communicate concerns and motivations
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  • Mediator facilitates the creation of win-win solutions
  • Parties evaluate and rank choices


Creation and Evaluating of Options

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  • Mediator facilitates the creation of an agreement
  • Agreement is drafted and signed


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Nat Robinson

Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder, Leaf Global Fintech

Bryant was incredibly professional and helped us work through some of our more challenging team issues in just a few remote mediation sessions. It is amazing how effective arguing in front of a well-trained third party like Bryant can do for a business relationship. I would highly recommend him to any group of startup founders.


Investment Summary



The process includes:

  • 2HRS Review worksheet results for coaching calls
  • 4HRS Coaching calls with each founder or party
  • 6HRS Mediation *
  • 45 MIN Debrief Call

*If more time is needed beyond the 6 hours, we go into an hourly pay structure of $525 an hour

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