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Bryant offers services and training to help you get unstuck and resolve issues easily.

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I’m Bryant, Founder of CollabsHQ

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A LITTLE info ABOUT my work

Over 3500+ hours.


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I help you
navigate uncertainty:

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Confidential Mediations

A structured, facilitated conversation to achieve a specific business goal

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Negotiation Consulting

Expert 1:1 support to create win-win deals and manage change

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Workshops and Seminars

Skill-based presentations to learn negotiation & conflict resolution skills

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I partner with you to help you get unstuck

Reduce the amount of time and stress you spend disagreeing or negotiating with expert support.

Virtual meeting


I work with business teams & organizations - virtually

I started my business back in 2016. Since then, I've optimized my services and training for a virtual environment for teams of all sizes.

hear from my past clients


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Jaime Pales

Co-CEO, Linc Education

These were two extremely important days for our company. We could not have accomplished as much as we did without Bryant's mediation and workshop. Would definitely recommend them.

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Bradley Werntz

Former Chief Strategy Officer, Skedaddle

I'm very impressed by how you helped our team navigate a co-founder departure. Our work together came at a critical time for our company and I am thankful I found you.

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Samantha Sisca

CEO/Founder, Social Sunday

When I first started working with Bryant, I avoided conflict and was very reactive when communicating or disagreeing. I end our work together knowing I can analyze and address conflicts in my business in a collaborative manner with the tools and advisement I received throughout the program.

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Tom Nassr,

Co-Founder, Checkmate.Digital

Bryant is an excellent teacher that understands the intricacies of negotiation and has the ability to break down complex interactions into a digestible, learnable, structure to incorporate into everyday life. I came away more aware, with more knowledge and confidence in how I negotiate in my business.

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Tina Tacorian

Investment Manager, OmnicomMediaGroup USA

I've realized that collaboration does not mean being passive, and that productive assertiveness takes a clear head and a lot of tact. I definitely feel more confident having the right language and approach to create win-win situations. Thank you for reflecting back to me so much wisdom!

The New Middle

Bryant is currently writing a book. Set to be published in May 2022, The New Middle is about how we can use the heart and mind connection to disagree more effectively.

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