that develops

High-stakes communication skill building for startups

Approach business situations with a strategic edge that deepens understanding, cooperativeness, and makes complex interactions into easily digestible dialogues that keep everyone happy and satisfied.

Strategically Orchestrate Change & Development

Leadership Development Programs for Startups

  • In-person or virtual-based programs 

  • Communication-skill building for co-founders, managing cross-functional teams, virtual team environments, motivating unenthusiastic individuals, and giving/receiving feedback 

  • 6-week sprint programs for learning one tool fast

  • 3 and 6-month programs for long-term behavioral change

  • Only 1 hour every week with 1-2 hours of offline work to achieve results

This program was amazing. I was feeling incredibly stressed out, and not sure how to have a voice in founder meetings. Bryant helped me manage this and more. I learned how to hash out issues and truly strengthen the relationship."

- Lou Harwood, Co-founder / Chief Technology Officer, Skedaddle


Collaborative Disagreement®

Learn a process for communicating sensitive issues directly and respectfully that proactively engages problems.

Leadership Development

Expand your ability to perform as a high-performer as a self-aware, highly collaborative leader that inspires others.

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Influence the conversation toward a business objective while getting your opinion heard in a collaborative, future-focused way.

Master the Art of Effective Feedback

This free course teaches you the mastery of effective feedback through simple techniques that improve and motivate employee performance. You’ll never have to avoid telling someone at work “the truth” again, because the W.I.N.D. method is a proven strategy that will not make employees defensive or afraid.

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I feel like I have arrived. I've arrived at the self I aspired to become prior to these past 6 weeks working with Bryant. I have become more confident, self-aware, authentic, genuine, realistic, assertive, and charismatic. I no longer shy away from challenging conversations. Bryant's teachings have helped me undergo massive change and arrive at the version of myself I have always strived toward.

- Clint Ross, Community Engagement

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Hello👋🏽 I'm Bryant

A visionary communicator, an accomplished organizational consultant, and leadership development coach for executives. My innovative approach to conflict resolution springs from the methodology I created called Collaborative Disagreement®.

Everything I do is grounded in the techniques I learned at Columbia University, shifting people's mindset around disagreement while providing communication tools and processes for resolving high-stakes situations collaboratively.

I received my Master of Science in Negotiation & Conflict Resolution from Columbia University, have been a consultant to venture-backed startups and large-scale corporations, and mediate complex equity restructuring deals.

I've realized that collaboration does not mean being passive, and that productive assertiveness takes a clear head and a lot of tact. I definitely feel more confidence having the right language and approach to create win-win situations. Thank you for reflecting back to me so much wisdom!

- Tina Tacorian, Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Programs are customizable to meet the client's needs. Typically, to see results, a minimum of 3 months is needed. However, to have lasting behavioral change, clients on average work with me for 6 months.

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No. It has to be the right fit for both of us. The client must be ready and willing to do the work and get deep. Most importantly, you must be eager to learn.  Without that, we both would be wasting our time.

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Beyond becoming a badass business communicator, you'll learn:

  • A structure for negotiating sensitive business issues;
  • How to communicate more assertively & directly;
  • Learning how to give and receive feedback so the other side actually listens;
  • Feeling empowered in business exchanges; and
  • A toolkit of strategies for negotiating hard-to-solve business conversations

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Depends on the length of the program and whether I'll be coaching multiple people (like an entire founder team at once). 6 week programs cost $2,000, 3-month programs $3,600 and 6-month programs $6,000.  If I feel you are the right fit, and you may not be able to afford me, we can discuss a lower tired program or I could refer you to someone in my network.

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