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Collaborative Disagreement® &
Constructive Feedback Workshops

Whether you’re a founder, entrepreneur or a startup employee, giving open feedback and having disagreements is a fact of life.

With increasing pressure to innovate in an environment marked by greater competition, fewer resources, and more constraints, learning how to leverage open feedback and disagreements to generate ideas and create powerful solutions is an important skill to learn.

Building Collaborative Intelligence
Through Collaborative Disagreement

Theory Meets Application

Workshops teach you how to


  • Transform disagreements from uncomfortable situations into opportunities for growth and continued learning.

  • Understand how your communication style affects your ability to cooperate and assert yourself in high-stakes situations

  • Learn proven 4-step processes for disagreeing collaboratively or giving constructive feedback with someone that you need to continue working with

  • Structuring conversations for win-win outcomes

  • Reduced time spent hashing out differences and disagreeing with others

  • Reduced stress because issues are not avoided or ignored

  • Improved motivation and desire to proactively deal with issues

  • Creating a high-performing mindset that views disagreements and conflicts as beneficial for improving innovation, collaboration, and a startup’s bottom line

How You Will Learn

Communication Assessment

Worksheets + Planning Guides

In-class Role-plays and Mock Scenarios

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What is Collaborative Disagreement?

A four-step conflict resolution process

Collaborative Disagreement is a mindset and a communication script that transforms people's view of disagreements while teaching them a win-win communication style.

That uses the F.I.R.E. process

Ideal for founders, entrepreneurs, and startup teams, participants learn to resolve issues collaboratively so everyone leaves happy.

What past workshop participants had to say

The reinforcement of my own communication/working style - bit of a jolt/shot in the arm to how I normally view myself/the altered lens with which I view myself and how I interact with others. Feel better about voicing my opinions and thoughts about where we are and my frustrations. Thank you for your work!

   - Adam Parshall, Community Marketing Manager

Bryant is awesome! I felt the day 1 exercises of bringing people out of their comfort zone was the most effective part of the workshop.

   - Mike Horn, iOS Developer

First I will say that overall I was surprised by how emotional some of this was (not like 'I'm crying' emotional), but that we were really encouraged to "go deeper" in every activity. It was a very unique experience. Bryant did amazing, and I'm really really grateful that he created this space for us to grow in the way that he did!

   - Kailee McArdle, Community Engagement

I really enjoyed Bryant’s style. I feel energized and know how to discuss some tough issues and arrive at a place of mutual understanding. Thank you for your work!

   - Bobby Mirabello, Office Manager

My favorite part of the workshop was the Moon exercise where we got to see how our different communication styles affect our working style. Awesome stuff!

   - Jared Reinow, Field Marketing Manager

This work gets you to open up and learn tangible steps to move conversations forward collaboratively.

   - Garin Bulger, Lead Designer

Hello👋🏽 I'm Bryant

A visionary communicator, an accomplished organizational consultant, and leadership development coach for early to mid-stage startups, my innovative approach to conflict resolution springs from the methodology I created called Collaborative Disagreement®.

Everything I do is grounded in the techniques I learned at Columbia University, shifting people's mindset around disagreement while providing communication tools and processes for resolving high-stakes situations collaboratively.

I received my Master of Science in Negotiation & Conflict Resolution from Columbia University, have been a consultant to venture-backed startups, and recently saved two from near failure.

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